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Welcome to our site! We are Kyle and Robyn, urban and regional planners and bicycle adventure touring enthusiasts. Our PLAN is to travel in various parts of the world by bike (as time and jobs allow) and blog about our adventures and planning observations. This blog is for planners, bicycle travelers, and anyone else interested in learning about how spaces become places abroad. The goal is to inspire us (as citizens) to new levels of creativity, share lessons learned in planning around the world, and encourage more people to engage in this type of travel.

Our Story: In May 2015, we took off on a four and a half month adventure spanning 4,000 miles and 13 countries, including parts of the USA, Canada, and eleven countries in Europe (from Ireland to Croatia). While on our travels, we blogged about our adventures, interviewed local planners, and wrote about some of what we saw as it relates to planning.  Upon our return, we got married and moved to the City of St. Petersburg where Kyle is now a Transportation Planner.

Our blog is now evolving from documentation of one trip to an informational site for all of our future travels. In the next couple of years we will turn our attention to South America. In the meantime, we will continue to write articles from our previous travels targeting topics such as the bicycle infrastructure we experienced, forms of public education we encountered, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our background, please make sure to check out the “About Us” page. If you are interested primarily in bicycle travel or our adventures in general, check out our main blog. If you want to learn about planning abroad and read our articles related to that, please go to our “Planning Journal.” We are excited to share our experiences with you!

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