People Profiles – The United Kingdom

We’ve already posted on many of the people we met on our journey through the UK, but we want to make a special shout out to Alan and Barbara, an English couple we met on a rainy day in Snowdonia, all of us taking refuge from the rain under the same tree.  Alan and Barbara were back in Snowdonia for their 50th anniversary having originally met there working at an adventure camp for youth.  Proudly sporting their new and colorful Bromptons, special folding bicycles perfect for taking aboard all forms of public transit, the couple were travel veterans and seemed to have relatives in interesting occupations (some related to urban planning) working all over the world.  After a wonderful conversation, Alan and Barbara offered to have us stay with them at their home halfway between Oxford and London.  Unfortunately, we dawdled a bit too much around Ironbridge to where we had to skip Oxford in the interest of keeping our appointment with a city planner in London, but we surely would have loved to spend more time with these world travelers we met in Wales.

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