The Netherlands – Beyond the Large Cities

We actually spent quite a bit of time in The Netherlands, encountering small towns, forests, sand dunes, beach, islands, ferries, resorts, etc. Here is the picture slideshow telling the rest of the story:

  • First thing we do in The Netherlands is hit the beach at the Hook of Holland. The wind beat us with sand, but I didn't care!
  • Windmill play a dominant feature in the landscape. While some looked very pretty, others added an industrial quality to the land that I didn't appreciate as much.
  • Juxtaposition of old and new:)
  • We didn't just go to bigger places like Rotterdam and Amsterdam, we also went into some smaller places as well.
  • What we loved about Dutch communities is that they all tend to embrace the canal as their dominant feature, with the canal acting as a main street. It made for truly beautiful public spaces.
  • We were surprised to find this landscape on the West Coast. I personally had expected endless beach and ocean views, but this was better because it was unanticipated and very pretty!
  • And we saw a fox!
  • Beautiful windmill placement.
  • Found the beach again on the islands.
  • Our ride was at one point obstructed by ponies.
  • Discovered a large sand dune.
  • This view reminded me of one of those Japanese gardens.
  • We really didn't like how significant swaths of the coastline had been taken over with endless pavement. The water was pretty, but the land was not.
  • I finally got my time in the sun. Still rather cold!
  • There I am!
  • The end.


  1. Robyn Keefe (Post author)

    🙂 Thank you Adita. Hope all is well with your family. Say hi for me!

  2. Diane Keefe

    HI Robyn & Kyle:

    The Netherlands looks so liveable! Wow! It is nicer than I remember. Loved your photos! I enjoy living vicariously through you.

    Mom xoxo

  3. Adita

    Good morning Robyn. It was nice having “my breakfast in The Netherlands ” with you all. Take care and keep sending those amazing stories

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