A Cycling We Will Go!

Welcome to our site! We are Kyle and Robyn, soon to be graduates of the Master of Regional Planning program at the State University of New York at Albany (in the future referred to as UAlbany or SUNY Albany). Our plan is to cycle the country after graduation, beginning in Albany and heading west along a northern route. Our first major cycling feat will be to conquer the national treasure that is the Erie Canal and after that, who knows! We don’t really have a clear end date in mind or even a clear terminal for our trip; we plan to land wherever life takes us.

If you are here because two cyclists accosted you in your planning department and now you want to learn more about us and what we are doing, we suggest you first check out our “About Us” section where we’ve placed professional bios, resumes, and projects we’ve worked on. Then, after you are familiar with our experience and credentials, you might want to take a peek at our “Planning Journal” where we are putting all of our pictures and blog articles related to planning projects and issues we’ve encountered in the various places we’ve visited.

If you are here because you are a friend, family member, interested colleague, fellow traveler, or what-have-you, please do enjoy our main blog featured on our home page where we will be writing all of our stories from our trip and if you are interested in planning related issues, do check out our “Planning Journal.” Make sure you sign our guest book before you leave. If you give us an address you might get a post card or, depending on where you live, a couple of spontaneous visitors! Finally, if you miss us very much and want to feel like you are right there with us, feel free to “Treat Us” to dinner or some other experience. We will write all about it in our blog and send you a postcard as a thank you!

If you are here because you are someone interested in cycling, planning or both, but don’t necessarily know us personally – Welcome! Please enjoy our blog and feel free to roam around our site. You may want to bookmark us because we have some pretty wild ideas for after we finally settle down. Stay tuned!


  1. Adita

    Love your website. Enjoy. You both deserved this great opportunity to take in the many beautiful places this great country has to offer

  2. Jodi Hovious

    This is a very cool! I hope you have an awesome ride. You know if you are ever in Albany or South of there to contact me and hopefully we can meet up. Cannot wait to read the blogs and see your pictures 🙂

  3. mom

    Enjoyed your site. Wonderful job. Remember you can always head this way to exciting. PSJ – or better yet where ever we move to. Ha

  4. Mark deesuts

    This is a great idea.

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