Graduation Day

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It is official; after two plus years of many an all-nighter, last minute cramming session, missed meal, late night, and early morning, we graduated from the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MRP) program at the University at Albany (UAlbany). Of course, while the agony of grad school still lingers, the good far outweighed the bad. UAlbany is where Kyle and I found love, great friends, wise mentors, and experienced tremendous personal and professional growth. We will not soon forget our years at UAlbany, but we are excited to be embarking on the next chapter of our journey.

Congratulations to all of our friends also graduating from the MRP program. We are excited to see where you all end up.  Stay in touch!


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  1. DeeDee

    Congratulations to both of you on receiving your masters and continued success on your next journey! Love you ♡

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