Switzerland – In Pictures

Kyle and I loved Switzerland.  It is a land of incredible beauty and lovely people.

Upon our arrival, we had been immediately informed that the Swiss were reserved (“The Swiss will open their windows but not their doors”); however, Kyle and I had a very different experience.  On our very first day in Switzerland we were approached by a woman on the street offering us a place to stay, and though we declined her kind offer because it was early, later that night we were taken in by another family.  We were often approached by people on our journey, offering us advice and good wishes.

In addition to the wonderful people we met, every day in Switzerland was an adventure, always leading to another story (and another big mountain pass to climb).  And finally, parts of The Alps made Kyle and I think we were in some kind of heaven – with the fog and the mist giving us the feeling of being in the clouds.

Switzerland’s Fountains

Our Trip

  • Basel
  • Basel
  • Basel
  • Basel
  • Basel
  • Basel
  • Cool fountain in Basel
  • This is where we meet our friend Olga.
  • Kyle decides to bath in the water.
  • This building hosts a lot of wedding celebrations.
  • The tourism office is a frequent stop for us - unfortunately this one doesn't have WiFi.
  • Switzerland recycles! We find these convenient sorting bins everywhere in tasteful places.
  • Kyle tries out the zipline we find at a playground - unfortunately, I do not think to take a picture.
  • Our feeling on the road.
  • Kyle says that though he has climbed mountain passes with a higher elevation, he has not ever encountered the steep mountain grade characteristic of Switzerland's mountain passes. A real challenge he says. This pass was 800 meters!
  • The view at the top is pretty great.
  • The downhill is even better.
  • We meet another friend.
  • We decide to keep him company while we eat our lunch at 2:30 PM. We hadn't wanted to eat until those steep climbs in 95 degree weather were past us.
  • We discover a cool entrance to our next city.
  • We find our Warm Showers hosts for the night at this lake.
  • We take their suggestion for a swim.
  • The next day we discover this story post in the mountains - Hansel and Gretel! So this is where they met that mean old witch.
  • We finally make it into Lucerne, and before the rain and cold.
  • The city has this cool flower bridge, Chapel Bridge, which is famous for being Europe's oldest covered wooden bridge and truss bridge. It has medieval stories written inside, but some were damaged in a fire.
  • Lake Lucerne
  • We ride around the lake and catch this ferry.
  • Lake Lucerne
  • So beautiful I can't resist taking millions of pictures.
  • Kyle's bike has a malfunction. This will come into play in the next blog post.
  • I feel like this is heaven on earth - there is no other description for it.
  • The end.


  1. DeeDee

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Diane Keefe

    Amazing pictures! Can’t wait to see them and hear the story when you return! Sounds like you really loved Switzerland!

    Mom xoxo

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