A Change in Plans

On Friday, June 12th, Kyle and I will be flying to Dublin, Ireland, to begin a five to six month cycle tour (depending on weather) of Europe.  We realize that this is a pretty big change from our original intent to bike around North America, but as we cycled around our own and much loved country telling people our tales and joking that “next time we’ll go outside our own country,” a common reaction was, “Why not now?”  And when we though about it, we realized that we hadn’t thought BIG enough.  Both Kyle and I have never been off this continent and what could be a better way to learn about urban planning than inserting a more global perspective into our thinking?  After all, our own planning in the United States has certainly had an European influence (primarily British).

So our new plan for our blog is this: Kyle and I will be interviewing planners all over Europe, learning about the different planning systems of different countries and documenting examples of what we consider great planning WHILE comparing those practices to our own in the US.  Thus, for those of you who perhaps did not have exposure to urban planning before our blog and were very excited to learn – don’t worry – we will continue to write about topics related to our own country, only now, you will have the added bonus of also learning about planning in other countries.

In the meantime, as some of you may have noticed, we are a little behind on our blog.  Technical difficulties, great Warm Showers hosts, and the space we needed to make changes all contributed to this, but the stories are not gone, just delayed.  We will be posting shortly on our final thoughts on the Erie Canalway Trail (with picture slides!), Buffalo Pride (another planner interview), bicycle infrastructure on the way to and in Toronto, planning systems in Canada, etc., as well as posts relating to our recent adventures.  After that, you should start seeing some very different scenery!

Thank you for staying with us on this great adventure.


  1. Helen Dayal

    WOW! Europe, good for you – you will love it! I am very excited for you both, and look forward to your future blogs! Helen

  2. Angela Keppel

    Wow, that’s really exciting!! Have fun!

  3. DeeDee

    Can I tag along too? 😉

  4. robynck14 (Post author)

    Flying out of Toronto!

  5. robynck14 (Post author)

    🙂 Can’t wait!

  6. robynck14 (Post author)

    It will certainly be fascinating to explore!

  7. willtimberfreshlove

    That’s just good stuff. This truly is an amazing adventure you are on. Can’t wait to see all of your posts. Doug

  8. Kathy Posluszny Czajkowski

    Wow! Envious and cannot wait to hear your view of everything. From the small snapshots we’ve seen in various planning classes, it appears that European countries are very progressive when it comes to planning. It will be interesting to see if the reality matches. Keep us posted and safe journey

  9. Jodi

    I am excited for you both!

  10. Adita

    How much fun!!!!!
    I will be in Dublin in October!!!
    It is a beautiful place to visit.

  11. justinlev7


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