Twice Toronto!

  • Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, NY.
  • Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, NY.
  • Niagara Falls, ON.
  • Camping at Balls Falls Conservation Area in Jordan, ON.
  • School group camping out next to us on their own cycle tour.
  • Another highway frontage road section of the "Waterfront Trail" in Ontario en-route to Toronto.
  • We finally found the waterfront in the Waterfront Trail at Confederation Park in Hamilton, ON.
  • Lake Ontario as seen from the Waterfront Trail in Hamilton, ON.
  • A nice couple of ladies cycling from Burlington, ON offered to take our picture in Confederation Park, Hamilton, ON.
  • A lift bridge connecting Hamilton and Burlington, ON via a peninsula. The Waterfront Trail utilizes the bridge to cross the barge canal.
  • The Lake Ontario beach nearly in (just across the multi-use path and through the dunes) the backyard of Doug and Crystal's house, our Warmshowers host for the evening.
  • Robyn and Kyle on the beach.
  • Doug and Crystal, our Warmshower hosts, making a wonderful dinner of vegan spaghetti and "meatballs".
  • The Waterfront Trail in Burlington, ON.
  • The Waterfront Trail in Burlington, ON.
  • Speaks for itself.
  • Lakeshore Drive in Oakville, ON. It was a very nice and interesting place to walk around.
  • Lakeshore Drive in Oakville, ON. It was a very nice and interesting place to walk around.
  • Lakeshore Drive in Oakville, ON. It was a very nice and interesting place to walk around.
  • An oil refinery along the Waterfront Trail on the west side of Toronto.
  • An oil refinery along the Waterfront Trail on the west side of Toronto.
  • A historic street car in Toronto, ON.
  • Kyle at Off the Hook, the restaurant we ate at during our first evening in Toronto.
  • Riding the streetcar after dinner. I know Robyn enjoyed it too!!
  • A building "shaping the corner" in Toronto as seen on the streetcar (the shaping occurs because the building acknowledges the corner instead of coming to a right angle at it).
  • Toronto's bikeshare system.
  • Art found within the Toronto Subway.
  • Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. The design of city hall is to resemble two hands cupping the city. It is illustrated nicely through an areal view.
  • Toronto's old city hall.
  • The water feature in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. In the winter it is turned into a public outdoor ice skating rink.
  • Lunchtime at a park on Lake Ontario in Toronto.
  • Birds!
  • More Birds!
  • And finally a bird that just wanted one potato chip.
  • St. Laurence Market in Toronto, a huge indoor (and seasonally somewhat outdoor) public market.
  • Interesting cityscape in Toronto.
  • The old hotel we stayed in on our second night in Toronto. It was a cute little place run by a family. The only downside was the elevator was down and we were on the sixth floor. Got our exercise for the day at least!
  • A newly-constructed public beach along Lake Ontario in Toronto. It appeared as if it was part of the development of a new condo building just to the left of the picture.
  • Robyn was a fan!
  • The ferry to Toronto Islands park, the largest automobile-free community in North America and a beautiful urban park.
  • Kyle on the ferry.
  • The Toronto skyline as seen via the ferry.
  • Julien and Kate, our Warmshower hosts for our final evening in Toronto.
  • Crossing the Peace Bridge from Fort Erie, ON to Buffalo, NY.
  • Us on the middle of the Peace Bridge overlooking Lake Erie and the Niagara River.
  • The Buffalo skyline as seen on the Peace Bridge.
  • Cliff and Carol, long-time friends who's backyard we camped in for a few nights in Buffalo.
  • Kyle and Tyler at the Matt and Kim Concert at Canalside in Buffalo, NY.
  • Trisha and Keith, Kyle's aunt and uncle who's house we stayed at for multiple nights in Buffalo. They also made us an AMAZING seafood boil! (Thanks again!)
  • Kyle's family in Buffalo.
  • Kyle at the top of a nice hill somewhere in Ontario.
  • Robyn made it to the top too! Och aye Jimmy!
  • Betty and Chris, who graciously let us wait out a rain storm in Grimsby, ON. They even gave us food and refreshments!
  • Bill and Kyle sharing a beverage. Bill was another wonderful Warmshower host in Burlington, ON.
  • Geese at a park along Lake Ontario in Mississauga, ON. They were a little bit more friendly than the hissing geese found on the Erie Canal Trail!


  1. Shannon Keefe

    Love you! Have fun, take photos! Especially selfies with a selfie stick! lol 🙂 Ill send your guys a dinner soon

  2. Robyn Keefe

    Thanks Mom! We will try to post soon. It has been harder than we figured to tap into WiFi and get our bearings in a new country. As soon as we adjust we will get writing!

  3. Diane Keefe

    Great pics! I enjoyed them all! Can’t wait to start hearing about your European excursion! Wishing you sunny skies and warm hearts!


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