Planning Journal

What is a Planning Journal?

On this page, you will find all of our blog posts and pictures relating to the planning aspects of our trip. As we get further along, we may create sub-pages for each country we visit. For now, just enjoy!

Our Most Recent Planning Posts

Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Dutch Cycletopia

Look at me! Look at me! Kerplunk. I am wheeling a loop around my driveway at age six with my bicycle, absent training wheels, showing off for a boy visiting from my Kindergarten class. Actually, my mother had somewhat coerced… (READ MORE)

The City of London: Constantly Changing but Forever Historic

This article has been amended from its original version for added clarity.  What is the smallest city in the United Kingdom with 7,375 (2011 Census) residents? If you said the City of London, you are correct! This is due to the City of London… (READ MORE)

Planning for Snowdonia

This is a wild land, country of my choice, With harsh craggy mountain, moor ample and bare. – Robert Graves, Excerpt from Rocky Acres Established in 1951, Snowdonia National Park was the first designated national park in Wales, encompassing an… (READ MORE)

Lighting Up Limerick

With a slash to the face in a schoolyard rabble in 2000, the daughters of gang boss Christy Keane and close associate Eddie Ryan started a notorious family feud among gangland members caught up in the drug trade in Limerick… (READ MORE)

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